Issue 3: Ten Years of Hagley Writers’ Institute (2017)


Laura Borrowdale, Gail Ingram and Sam Averis – 2017 Editorial


Victoria Broome – How We Talk to Each Other, The Maori

Jeni Curtis – after the rain finished

John Ewen – From Clifton Hill, Sumner

Stephanie Grieve – Tomorrow, Wendy

Philomena Johnson – Wild Mushroom Picker, Angel

Leslie McKay – Good Friday 2017

Raina Kingsley – At the River

Tracey Peterson – Aloneness Has A Taste


Nod Ghosh – Bhagubhai’s Thumb

Jenna Heller – Tornado

Sue Kingham – The Scholar – 1976

Phoebe Wright – See us

Margaret Mahy Award winners

Marisa Cappetta – Thumbprints, She cares for her mother (poetry)

Justine de Spa – survivor’s lament (poetry), Maternal Instinct (fiction)

Chris Stewart – anger (poetry)

Sam Averis – Emmy wrote an algorithm (fiction)

Brindi Joy – Play ball (fiction)

Holly Ford – Extract from High Country Hero (fiction)

Elysia Rose Jensen – Extract from His Seed (fiction)

Jane Higgins – Extremophiles on Mars (essay)


Fiona Farrell – Extract from section 51, Decline and Fall on Savage Street (fiction)

Bernadette Hall – A Letter to Hone Tuwhare, The Big Coat, The Accident (poetry)

Frankie McMillan – the existential crab colony of Kyushu Bay, (poetry)

Christina Starchurski – Extract from Love Babe (play)

Kerrin P Sharpe – just like heaven, at Rapaki they’re blessing (poetry)