Issue 4: The Home Issue (2020)

In 2020, thanks to support from Creative New Zealand and Hagley College, the fourth issue of The Quick Brown Dog was published in an A5 print format on eco paper, hand-bound, and launched at the WORD Christchurch Festival. It has now sold out. 


Editorial – Kaye Gilhooley, Chris Stewart, and Toni Wi

Regan Stokes – Returns 

Kerrin P Sharpe – Stockholm

Ronnie Smart – Sometimes, there are bears 

Kirstie McHale – Solidarity

Lucy D-Aeth – large hadron collider 

Teoti Jardine – How to make a summer radio with discarded objects

Nathan Bennett – Loft Envy

Stephanie Grieve – Lockdown 

Rose Collins – Hens’ Night

Louise Lameko – Northcote Road

Brindi Joy – The Baby

Sile Mannion – Pivotal

Marissa Cappetta – I’ll tell you a story about my mother 

Teoti Jardine – I Hear the Crying

Victoria Broome – Bluff 

Nod Ghosh – My Father’s Medicine Part Two 

Ronnie Smart – Drawing of a Hat

Sue Kingham – Home Sweet Home

Kate Fraser – Remembering Bill Collins

Jenna Heller – Best Friends

Philomena Johnson – A Curious Spring

Shannon Beynon – (Still)

Jenna Heller – New Brighton, 2016

Sue Kingham – My Family in Fridge Magnets

Laura Tretheway – Midnight Snacks

Julianne Munro – Sizzling Summer 

Desna Wallace – Hiraeth

Linda De Paor – The Return 

Gail Ingram – All that aluminium-metalized-plastic is not gold

Robyn Anderson Corolla 

Laura Tretheway – Too Much Time to Think 

Laura Tretheway – Homemade

Jeni Curtis – new words for home

James Norcliffe – Sauerkraut 

Isabelle McNeur – The Garden 

Bernadette Hall – Here I am with the little cherry tree in our former city garden