Issue 5: Identity/Tuakiri


Editorial – Karen Clarke, Louise Lameko, and Eloise Pengelly

Michalia Arathimos – Restoration

Dave Vass – (Walk)

Erik Kennedy – Picking Up Pieces of Paper Other People Have Dropped

Jenna Heller – interesting

Toni Wi – Milk

Matthew Harris – Minnaloushe’s Moon

Harvey Molloy – Dinosaur Snr

Regan Stokes – the birds watch us

Sophie Taylor-Brown – Just a Thought

Rangi Faith – i.e. New Zealand

Teoti Jardine – To my cerebellum

Laura Borrowdale – Therapy

Trish Veltman – Hand-me-down Hankerings

John Ewan – The widower

Marisa Cappetta – Twin sign

Nod Ghosh – Sorry

Jeni Curtis – at thirteen

Regan Stokes – Hau

Erik Kennedy – Activism

Kate Fraser – Living with Uncle

Stephanie Hacksley – Me and the bougainvillea tree

Sarah Pratt – Warrior

Sean Wheeler – Rhythm of work, rhyme of friendship

Gail Ingram – the literary identity of some bird

Teoti Jardine – Stepping Down

Sue Kingham – My Life in Laundry

James Norcliffe – Art and confusion

Jadwiga Green – Queer Girl Culture 101

Tabatha Wood – Still Standing, Not Standing Still

E. L. Julian – Home Cooking

Scott Andrew Fack – Socks

Laura Tretheway – Hunger Pains

Regan Stokes – please, gifts

L. Paxley – Catastrophising

Doc Drumheller – The Dark Side

Marie McGuigan – Rent

James Norcliffe – Milkman

Tracey Peterson – Te Haerenga

Arkald Beume – Sickness Benefit