The Quick Brown Dog is the journal of the Hagley Writers’ Institute.

Over the years, it has featured the work of writers including Michalia Arathimos, Laura Borrowdale, Victoria Broome, Marisa Cappetta, Rose Collins, Jeni Curtis, Fiona Farrell, Nod Ghosh, Bernadette Hall, Jenna Heller, Gail Ingram, Teoti Jardine, Erik Kennedy, Sue Kingham, Marie McGuigan, Frankie McMillan, Isabelle McNeur, James Norcliffe, Vivienne Plumb, Kerrin P Sharpe, Chris Stewart, Regan Stokes, and Toni Wi, among many others.

Edited by the Institute’s graduates, the first four issues featured new and established writers associated with the Institute. The fifth issue, published in 2021, for the first time features writers from around Aotearoa.

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