Tracey Peterson

Aloneness Has A Taste

In the way kitchens
and conversations go together
he said do you turn together after sex
or away?

Looking back
this was the beginning
of their absence
and wilderness

They straddled a fine line
while serpents rose
from the dust

Wanting cake
and eating her too
hardly something to immortalise
in a poem

Aloneness has a taste
Not one to savour
Its sound, the hollowness
of her laughter

Tracey graduated from Hagley Writers’ in 2015 with distinction. She has been published by London Grip (2015, 2016, 2017), The Christchurch Press (2015), in “We” Society Poetry Anthology (2015), in Leaving The Red Zone (2016), and was longlisted in the National Flash Fiction Competition 2016.