Recycling love

Bronwen Jones 2014

one – he always leaves dishes in the sink
two – never closes the fridge
three – burns holes in the bench
four – leaves tops loose on jars
five – noisy TV
six – sex
has become an obligation.

he is always
– there.

She twists like a fish on a hook,
bursts out in grief
Why can’t I be nice?

A woman past a certain age,
says the counsellor,
must live life how she wants.

Time drags in the rehash
yet he cries as he goes,
We never talked!

She breathes in the space,
uncorks the wine

And counts the ways:
one – she leaves dishes in the sink
two – buys an auto-shut fridge
three – gets a new kitchen
four – leaves tops off jars
five – buys a huge new TV
six – nix.